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Houghton stresses importance of looking after mental health during lockdown

Midfielder appeared on Sky Sports News to discuss a number of topics...

6 May 2020

Jordan Houghton has stressed the importance of looking after your mental health during lockdown.

The MK Dons midfielder appeared on Sky Sports News on Tuesday evening to reflect on his involvement in the FA Youth Cup Final of 2014, where his Chelsea side saw off Fulham 7-6 on aggregate to lift the trophy at Stamford Bridge.

Houghton also discussed the importance of staying mentally healthy during Lockdown and how he has turned to a sports psychologist to ensure he has the support he needs to get through these uncertain times.

"It's an aspect of the game that people don't know too much about and are quite naive to it,” he told Sky Sports News.

“If you talk to the people who have been at the top of the game they say a large chunk of success comes from your mental strength in the game.

“I was myself and it's only when you actually sit down to chat you realise how it can help. I had a few injuries at the start of my youth career and I've gone back to the same guy.

"The guy I've been working with suggests having something written down or a cue on your hand or arm. It's a visual cue as opposed to having to think about it because obviously in the game it's hectic and you probably forget.

"It can help in this lockdown period because you have a lot of time sitting around doing nothing so you do tend to overthink.”

In a wide-ranging interview with Sky Sports News, Houghton also explained why he decided to raise thousands of pounds for NHS charities last month.

"It came from not really doing anything and feeling helpless in this situation,” he said. “We thought we could reach out, especially to the MK Dons and Chelsea fanbase.

"It's a relatively small amount in terms of people like John Terry but a small amount goes a long way and if a lot of people do that it will help a lot."

Click HERE to watch and read the full interview with Jordan Houghton on Sky Sports News, where the MK Dons man talks Chelsea upbringing, charity work and using sports psychologist.

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