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Dean Bowditch talks Friends of the Trust

23 January 2020

The Friends of the Trust initiative raises vital funds for MK Dons Sport and Education Trust which enable the Trust to continue its task in delivering its key community and educational streams across the local region.

Dean Bowditch, who has returned to MK Dons in a Community Ambassador role with the MK Dons Sport and Education Trust (SET), caught up with Red Dot Programme to speak about his new role and how businesses can get involved.



Dean, you’ve been back with MK Dons for just over a month - how are you settling into your new job?
“I’m thoroughly enjoying the new role. It is completely different to what I’ve been used to for my whole career. It was nice to be able to play football for a living but this has been a challenge, and the challenge was that I’ve got to think on my feet a bit more, I’ve got to make decisions and speak with new businesses to try get them involved with the SET.”
Can you explain the Friends of Trust initiative that you’re involved in?
“The Friends of the Trust is an initiative for all local businesses and nationwide companies. They provide a donation to the Sport and Education Trust (SET), which helps us fund everything we do in the community, including education, football and health. Take a look at the Girls Regional Talent Club - the money raised through the Friends of the Trust helps fund their season - their kit and their facilities are all paid for because of it! With the Women’s 2021 EUROs coming to Stadium MK, it’s so important for them to have the funding to be able to progress.
We also have a Premier League Kicks programme that puts on sessions for deprived areas to help get kids off the street - rather than getting into trouble, they are playing football and that’s brilliant. Some of the Friends of the Trust connections we have include the Rotary Club in Leighton Buzzard, who do exceptional work with us and the disability side of the SET. OM&M Solicitors are also heavily involved in that side as well. They are a big part of what we do in the community and we want to expand further into Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. That’s where new companies we hope can help us. In return, we want to look after these companies and give them as much back, mainly through brand awareness, such as involving them in a matchday promotion or an activity that we do. The more we can do with the businesses, the more we can do in the community.”
Your first Friends of the Trust is coming up on Tuesday 28th January. Can you give us some background as to what the event is?
“On the 28th, we will be showcasing everything we do in the SET. We want the companies who are giving us their financial backing to see where it’s going, because their money goes a very long way. Over the years, they need people and companies to be aware of the good work we are doing so the event on the 28th, before the Rochdale game here at Stadium MK, provides us with an opportunity to do that. It is my first event and I want to do as many as I can throughout the year and I’ve already earmarked one every quarter. 
For businesses and companies that like the idea of getting involved, how can they get in contact?
“You can contact me on - I’m always happy to be contacted regarding the Friends of the Trust. I’ll set up a meeting and discuss the benefits that will work in both ways and the sooner we can sit down and talk about things, the better - that way we can do more in the community.”

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