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MK Dons players agree to furlough and wage deferral for April

Players unanimously agree to defer salaries to support the business during Coronavirus pandemic...

20 April 2020

Chairman Pete Winkelman has confirmed that the MK Dons squad have unanimously agreed to be placed on furlough as well as take a 25 per cent wage deferral for April.

The Club announced last month that the majority of non-playing staff will be furloughed in line with Government’s Job Retention Scheme.

Pete Winkelman, on a video call with the local media on Monday, revealed that every MK Dons player has since agreed to play their part in relieving some financial pressures on the Stadium MK business in April, at a time where the there is very little financial income due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Every one of our players has shown solidarity with every other employee at Stadium MK,” Winkelman said in the media call.

“The majority of our non-playing staff have been placed on furlough which means they will receive 80 per cent of their income for April, up to £2,500. There’s hopefully, though, months and years ahead for us to be able to do something about that.

“With players, they are in a slightly different position because they are on fixed-term contracts and we’re not talking Premier League money here. They only have 10 to 15 years of earning potential in the careers, don't forget.

“For some, they will have only weeks left on their contract and it might turn out to be the last they earn as professional footballers or they may never earn this type of money again. That’s why I believe deferral is the right thing to do in the players’ instance.

“Too much pressure is put on the players to do this or to do that. They all signed contracts and while it’s absolutely not our fault what has happened, it’s certainly not their fault either.

“That is why I think it is a massive show of solidarity and commitment from the players to unilaterally agree to stop some of their wages this month. I explained why I needed them to do it and they all understood that, even those whose contracts are up in a few months’ time.

“I’m so grateful and proud that everyone at Stadium MK, all 700-plus staff and players, are doing their bit to help. We made decisions in good faith and we’ve done it together – I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do.”

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