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Married to the game

6 September 2013

Your wedding day has finally arrived but your beloved MK Dons play on the same day – it is the type of dilemma no football fan wants to face.

One MK Dons season ticket holder has that problem this Saturday when the Dons play host to Swindon Town on the same day he is due to marry his partner of five years.

Richard Nordsted has tackled the problem straight on and has decided to attend the match at stadiummk before dashing off to the ceremony in time to marry Lisa Lamb, who is also an MK Dons supporter.

The two Dons supporters met in 2008 after exchanging messages on Moocamp, a then-forum for MK Dons supporters. At first the pair did not see eye to eye on matters and Richard’s banter was often a red rag to a bull for Lisa.

Speaking to Lisa, a season ticket holder in the Cowshed since stadiummk opened, said:  “I found out my brother knew him and he told me he sat in the Cowshed, and it turned out he was about 10 rows behind me. It was in 2008, I walked up to the top of the stand, we met, had a hug and a chat and the rest is history!”

Richard, a Cowshed season ticket holder at the National Hockey Stadium and MK1, added: “We met up again when we got promoted at Stockport, which was our first away game so it was memorable for two reasons! Ever since then we’ve gone to the home and away matches together.

“We both love the Dons; it’s our main common interest. We usually go to all the away games, we haven’t in the last few months because we’ve been saving for the wedding, but up until we started saving we went to virtually every away game.”

Following Richard’s Valentine’s Day proposal, the couple began looking for the perfect venue for their wedding but soon discovered the only dates available fell in the football season. The fixtures for 2013/14 had not been confirmed but Lisa and Richard gambled and booked their wedding - which will be themed in the Dons’ colours of white, red and black - for Saturday 7th September.

“When we found out it was Swindon at home we were elated because nearly all of the guests are Dons fans." Lisa added, “I’m not going to make it, I’m going to be having my hair and make-up done but I have already asked if they can put the game on for me, so they’re opening the bar up for me so I can watch it with my bridesmaid, who is also a Dons season ticket holder.”

Richard on the other hand has no plans on missing the action and the 12.15pm kick-off means he doesn’t have to let either of the loves in his life down.

“We were delighted when it was a home fixture but it got even better when Sky decided to move the game forward because it means I can go.

“I’m still coming to the match, it could well be that the groomsman is late and not the bride this time! There are 12 of the boys, who are coming to the ceremony, also coming to the game so we’ll all be suited and booted but we’ll probably have to leg it five or ten minutes before the end of the game so I can get there on time.” 

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