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Milton Keynes Dons Football Club is committed to providing its supporters with excellence in both customer service and stadium facilities, as well as a commitment to involving supporters in decisions that affect them most using a full and proper consultation process.

The Club will publicise its position on major policy issues in one or more of the following:- the official website, matchday programme, e-newsletters distributed to its supporters, official social networking sites and official SMS services.

Additionally, there are methods to help supporters to raise concerns or issues and there are procedures for staff to respond to these.

These methods and procedures are detailed within this Charter.

This Charter, therefore, incorporates all areas of the business from Customer Services to Anti-Discrimination and equal opportunities policy.

Our Customer Service contact is:
Oona Carmichael
Milton Keynes Dons FC
Stadium MK
Stadium Way West
Milton Keynes

The customer services contact can be reached by email on or by phone on 01908 622901 between the hours of 10am - 4pm Monday-Friday. In the absence of the Customer Service contact, another member of staff from the Sales and Marketing team will respond on behalf of the Customer Services contact.

The Club will reply to any written complaint received by its Customer Services operation within 10 working days. Should it not be possible to resolve the matter in this time we will send a holding letter explaining what steps are being taken and when a full response could be expected. If a complaint is sent to a department or individual outside the Customer Services department then there may be a delay in responding to the complaint.

If the supporter or customer is unhappy with the reply, they can refer the matter to the Commercial Director of the Club, who will reply within 10 working days of the complaint being referred to him or her. If the supporter or customer remains unhappy they can refer the matter directly to The Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO) using the following details:

The Independent Football Ombudsman, Suite 49, 33 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3AJ
Phone: 0800 588 4066

All staff whether full-time, part-time or casual staff or agency staff employed on matchdays have a duty to act as ambassadors for Milton Keynes Dons Football Club with a duty to proper supporter care and attention.

If a supporter has a problem with any member of Milton Keynes Dons Football Club staff or agency staff, the matter should be referred in accordance with the procedures outlined above.

All members of staff will endeavour to answer supporter queries or concerns. If they are individually unable to answer the supporter query they will refer the matter to their supervisor or the Customer Services contact and if the supporter requires an answer then they will receive a response in line with the guidelines outlined above.

MK Dons is committed to briefing staff on key issues so that they are sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to directly answer the majority of supporter queries.

The Club encourages supporters to express their passion and support for their team at Stadium MK in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. The Club is therefore committed to preventing people from behaving in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety or enjoyment of others, or to bring discredit on the Club or the community of Milton Keynes.

If the Club becomes aware of any person having been convicted of a football-related offence (whether at the Club's ground or otherwise) or having been in serious breach of any of the Club's Ground Regulations, it will, in consultation with Thames Valley Constabulary, or the relevant Police Authority in the case of an away game, make a decision as to whether that person should become subject to a Club ban.

If the Club considers that a supporter or person has been behaving in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety or enjoyment of others, or may bring discredit on the Club or the community of Milton Keynes at home or away fixtures it will make a decision as to whether that person should become subject to a Club ban. In exceptional circumstances, the Club may also consult with the MKDSA before any ban comes into effect.

Each case will be judged on its own merits and the length of any ban will depend on the severity of the offence and/or the breach of the Club's Ground Regulations. The individual will be invited to a meeting to receive the reasons for the ban and given the opportunity to set out any mitigating circumstances.

Any person made subject to a Club ban will have the right to appeal to a committee of arbitration comprising of a MK Dons Board Director, a trustee of the Milton Keynes Dons Sports and Education Trust, and a committee member of the MKDSA, the procedure for which appeal is available from the Club's Company Secretary. The person will also have the right to be accompanied and represented by another person of their choice.

Any Season Ticket holder who becomes subject to a Club ban may forfeit the right to a part refund on their Season Ticket for any remaining games in the season for which they have been banned.

The Club's official website - - is updated daily to ensure all news, information and major policy issues reach supporters as soon as possible. On a matchday, our matchday programme and public address system will give up to date information on ticketing and forthcoming events.
The press and media are briefed on a weekly basis by the Club's Head of Media.
Full details on ticketing, membership ticket priority etc is sent to all Season Ticket holders and members in accordance with current GDPR legislation and will be communicated via the official website with updates as necessary during the season.

The Club is committed to a consultative process with its supporters on decisions that affect them most. The Commercial Director will meet regularly with representatives of the Milton Keynes Dons Supporters Association (MKDSA) formally at least quarterly. The MKDSA is an independent supporters group run solely by supporters and which has regular dialogue with the club. Supporters are also encouraged to offer suggestions/feedback on areas of concern or improvement via letter or email

The Club has also created four different supporter working groups to help shape and monitor key policy decisions. These are the:-

  • Attendance Working Party (dealing with ticket prices and development of attendances at MK Dons).
  • Matchday Experience Group Working Party (to develop, improve and monitor the whole supporter matchday experience including the purchase of tickets, stewarding, catering, matchday programme, pre-match and half-time entertainment, supporter behaviour and accessing and exiting the ground).
  • Away Ticketing Group (to work with the Club towards a fair and efficient distribution of matchday tickets and to convene to agree a fair process for the allocation of tickets where demand is anticipated to exceed supply).
  • clubRed/Executive Area Working Group (to work with the Club and monitor progress in the development of executive areas and supporter experience at Stadium MK).

The Attendance Working Party; Matchday Experience Working Party and Away Ticketing Group are chaired by a Club Director and the Commercial Manager chairs the clubRed/Executive Area Working Group. Each group will meet at least twice per year or, in the case of the Away Ticketing Group, as necessary.

Supporters have applied to be part of these groups and the Club invites other supporters to contribute via email to the Commercial Director – or via the MKDSA who have representatives on each working party. Their contributions will be brought to the relevant working party for discussion.

In addition to the consultative working parties the Club will hold a minimum of two supporter forums each year with free admission and where supporters may ask any questions to a Club Director and senior management on any topic through the chair of the meeting.

The Club will also meet annually with representatives from the MKDSA to review the Customer Charter and make any changes as deemed necessary.

The Club is committed to the principle of maximising revenue to ensure the future of the Club by encouraging high attendances. A range of prices will apply to reflect demand in different areas of the ground, encourage supporter growth and to encourage families to attend.

Existing Season Ticket holders will have the opportunity to renew their Season Tickets at the best possible price.

As well as offering Season Ticket holders savings over match ticket prices, the Club also offers the opportunity to spread the cost of the Season Ticket, interest free through a monthly payment scheme, via a direct-debit agreement.

In the event that the Club raises prices for Season Tickets by more than the annual increase in the Retail Price Index as measured in the month of November prior to the announcement of Season Ticket prices for the following season, it will set out its reasons for doing so through direct contact with existing Season Ticket holders. This will also be set out in the matchday programme and the Club official website.

Season Tickets and car park passes will be sent out at least two weeks prior to the start of the new season to those supporters who apply prior to 10th July of each year.

Concessions and Junior Tickets
Concession tickets are available in all areas of the ground to supporters aged 65 (those born on or before 30/04/1957) or over.

Supporters aged 18-25 can qualify for concession prices if they are Season Ticket holders (those born on or after 01/09/1996). We do not offer a student discount.

Junior tickets are also available in all areas of the ground other than clubGold, clubPlatinum and clubBlack to supporters under the age of 18 (those born on or after 01/09/2003). All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

All supporters aged under twelve will be admitted into league matches free of charge in all areas if accompanied by a full paying adult except in clubGold, clubPlatinum and clubBlack (maximum of three free under-12s per adult). Supporters under 12 will also be eligible to apply for a Season Ticket for clubRed with a Young Dons clubRed Membership but again this Season Ticket must be purchased along with a full paying adult. The Club reserves the right to withdraw any Under-12 Season Ticket which is not adequately utilised.

When applying for tickets for the first time it will be necessary to provide proof of age, once this has been seen it will not be necessary to provide it again for any further tickets purchased through the Box Office.

Supporters with a disability
The Club’s Customer Services contact for all supporters with disability is Andy Standen, who can be reached on 01908 622901 or

A limited number of matchday car parking spaces are available for supporters with a disability and these should be pre-booked by emailing or by calling 01908 622901. No parking fee is payable by valid Blue Badge holders but the location of the parking space will be subject to availability. A carer if required will be admitted free of charge to those supporters with disabilities who are in receipt of Disability Living allowance medium or higher levels or in receipt of any level of Personal Independent Payments (PIP).

Wheelchairs, kindly provided by the MKDSA, are available for supporters and customers to use on matchdays. They are available by contacting stewards at Gate 5.

Soccersight sets, suitable for visually impaired supporters, are also available from the Box Office.

Existing disabled area Season Ticket holders will have the opportunity to renew their disabled area Season Tickets at best possible prices. The Club will also offer disabled supporters the option to spread the cost of their Season Tickets on the same terms as all other supporters.

Seasonal parking is available at no charge for Season Ticket holders who are valid Blue Badge holders and should be booked at the time of renewal of the Season Ticket. Spaces are limited and the location of the allocated parking space will be subject to availability.

The Club will limit Season Ticket sales so that at least 10% of home supporters’ seats (and at least 15% in Family Areas) is set aside for sale on a match-by-match basis.

If the Club intends to redevelop or refurbish a stand which means closure of that stand for part of a season or specific games, or where it is instructed by guidance from Government or other authorities to enforce social distancing measures then it will relocate affected Season Ticket holders to a part of the ground with at least equivalent facilities at no extra cost. In the event that equivalent facilities are not available then the Club will offer compensation to affected supporters.

The same policy will apply for cup matches where parts of the ground may be closed where a low attendance is expected and where the Club might save stewarding costs and other staffing/overhead costs by closing part of the ground.

The Club will provide a subscription membership scheme allowing supporters to obtain ticket discounts for nominated home matches if purchased in advance of matchdays.

From time to time the Club may receive a restricted allocation of tickets for its away matches where it believes that demand will exceed supply. In this instance, the Club will advise supporters through the Club programme and Club website and will invoke the following priority policy, which has been developed with the Away Ticketing Group.

Priority 1
Away Season Ticket holders.

Priority 2
Premier Member Season Ticket holders who are on the Club database as having purchased tickets for away games in the past twenty four months. The number of games needed will be agreed with the Away Ticketing Group prior to publication.

Priority 3
Season Ticket holders who are on the Club database having purchased tickets for away games in the past twenty four months. The number of games needed will be agreed with the Away Ticketing Group prior to publication.

Priority 4
All other Season Ticket holders. Club members who are on the club database having purchased tickets for away games in the last 24 months or have these detailed on the Club's database.

Priority 5
All other Club members.

Priority 6
General sale.

When a category becomes oversubscribed a ballot will take place for applications in that category.
Again, the deadlines for each priority level will be advised through the matchday programme and the Club website.

The Club will use its best endeavours to prevent a complete restriction being placed on its supporters from attending any public match involving the Club.

For home cup matches, including replays, the club may decide to close parts of the ground where a low attendance is expected.

The following priority booking process will generally take place.

Season Ticket holders will have one week from date of sale of tickets to reserve their seats.

Members will be given three days to claim their tickets on a one per member basis.

After this, tickets will go on general sale and may in some cases be limited to a specific number per person.

In the event that timescales (e.g cup replays) prevent the above timetable from being operated then the Club reserves the right to publish a revised timetable through the usual channels. Full details of our ticket prices and purchasing information are available at

From time to time the Club may receive a restricted allocation of disabled tickets for away matches, where it believes that demand will exceed supply. In this instance, the Club will invoke the following priority policy.

Priority 1
Disabled Away Season Ticket holders.

Priority 2
Premier Member Season Ticket holders who are on the Club database having purchased tickets for away games in the past 24 months. The number of games needed will be agreed with the Away Ticketing Group prior to publication.

Priority 3
Disabled Season Ticket holders who are on the Club database having purchased tickets for away games in the past 24 months. The number of qualifying games required will be agreed with the MKDSA Disabled Representative.

Priority 4
All other disabled Season Ticket holders. Club members who are on the Club database having purchased tickets for away games in the past twenty four months

Priority 5
All other Club members who are registered disabled.

Priority 6
General sale tickets for any oversubscribed group will be allocated by means of a ballot.

The Club from time to time may provide an official Club travel service to its away matches and where sponsorship funding permits, a wheelchair accessible minibus or coach. Where the Club provides such a travel service and the minibus or coach fails to reach the match due to mechanical breakdown then paying passengers will be entitled to a full refund. Where the Club provides such a travel service and the minibus or coach fails to reach the match in time for kick off due to mechanical breakdown then the passengers will be entitled to a part refund, the value of which to be determined on a match by match basis.

Where the Club provides such a travel service and the minibus or coach fails to reach the match or arrives after kick off due to traffic congestion, weather conditions or circumstances other than mechanical breakdown and which beyond the Club's reasonable control then no automatic refund is available and any such refund made will be at the total discretion of the Club.

Milton Keynes Dons Football Club abides by the English Football League Regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs. Admission prices to away supporters will be no higher than those charged to home supporters in comparable seats. In particular concessionary rates offered to junior, senior citizens and disabled supporters apply to supporters of a visiting Club.

A full refund will be given to any supporter returning a complete ticket as long as it is returned no later than 24 hours before the match kicks-off. The ticket must be returned to the Box Office and no applications by phone will be considered.

Subject to the rules and regulations of the Football Association and English Football League, Milton Keynes Dons will adopt the following policy on refunds for abandoned matches:

  • Match postponed before supporters admitted to the stadium will result in free admission to rearranged game on production of complete valid ticket or full refund.
  • Match postponed after spectators admitted to the stadium but before kick-off or match abandoned before start of second half will result in free admission to rearranged game on production of valid ticket counterfoil or full refund.
  • Match abandoned after start of second half will result in half-price admission to rearranged game (original ticket counterfoil to be retained).

In cup ties, the Club reserves the right to vary its policy as ticket arrangements will need to be mutually agreed between the competing clubs.

Should a Season Ticket holder forget to bring their Season Ticket card ticket for the game, a duplicate day ticket may be obtained at the discretion of the Box Office.

Lost or stolen Season Ticket cards should be reported immediately to the Box Office and a replacement card will be issued at a charge of £25 per ticket unless a police crime reference number is provided.

The Club recognises its responsibilities with reference to all customer information, privacy on our databases. All information is stored confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and no data is issued, shared with third parties unless provided for under GDPR, or used in any way without prior opt-in consent.

Kit cycles
The Club will change its playing strips each year but the length of sponsorship contracts may not always make this possible. The Club will display notices in its shops a minimum of three months prior to the launch of any replacement home, away or third kit.

Returns or refunds
Any customer who is not completely satisfied with any item purchased from the Club Superstore or mail order (telephone orders and internet) can return these items* provided they are in a unused condition with the original swing tags attached to the garment with the original packaging where necessary and receive a full refund on production of a receipt and if the item is returned within 30 days.

*Excluding personalised items such as shirts that have been named or numbered. MK Dons Football Club cannot take responsibility for any changes to squad numbers due to transfers etc.
In the event that the customer is unable to provide a receipt then the Club Store will exchange the item or provide vouchers to the current retail value. Customer statutory rights are not affected.

Any customer who is not completely satisfied with any item purchased from any of the Club’s concessions within the stadium, and has a reasonable reason for complaint will receive either a replacement item to the same value or a full refund, which will be at the customer’s choice.

The Club will maintain an up to date log of all returns to ensure that the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and health are adhered to at all times, and this will be able to be reviewed at the Matchday Experience Working Party meetings.

Stadium MK operates a strictly smoke free policy within the stadium. Smoking - including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, herbal cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any other substance (whether containing tobacco or not) - is prohibited.

The Club is one of 72 EFL clubs which signed up in 2017 to a Chairpersons' Charter to help put an end to the dangerous use of pyrotechnics, which include smoke bombs, flares and fireworks within EFL football grounds.

Any supporter discharging, attempting to discharge or attempting to bring pyrotechnics into Stadium MK will be subject to a minimum three season ban in line with the EFL Chairpersons' Charter. Clubs are permitted the flexibility to reduce the length of the club ban should an offender recognise the danger of their actions.

The Police may be informed of such incidents and consideration given to a prosecution and subsequent banning order, where sufficient evidence is forthcoming of a criminal offence.

Milton Keynes Dons Football Club is an equal opportunities employer. The Club is committed to equality of opportunity within its organisation and encourages a similar commitment from organisations with which we have contact, either through our business or socially.

Equality of opportunity at Milton Keynes Dons Football Club means that we will not discriminate against or in any way treat less favourably, any person on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex or sexual orientation in any of our activities in line with the Equality Act 2010. This includes the advertisement of jobs, the selection of candidates for employment or promotion, job location or working environment, pay, and employment terms and conditions and internal and external training activities and awards.

Milton Keynes Dons Football Club does not condone any harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, based on any of the protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010. The Club works with others to ensure such behaviour is met with the appropriate action in whatever context it appears.

The Club will not tolerate the use of racist and/ or sexist language or behaviour inside or outside of Stadium MK. Whether home or visiting supporters are responsible, the Club, in conjunction with Thames Valley Police force seeks to eliminate unacceptable and anti-social behaviour. Any person found using such language or behaviour may be banned by the Club and the person concerned may be liable for arrest and subsequent prosecution.

The Club fully supports the English Football League and the Football Association in their commitment to develop a programme of discrimination awareness training to promote the eradication of discrimination.

MK Dons Football Club acknowledges and accepts it has a responsibility for the well-being and safety of all children and young people who are under the Club’s care or utilising the Club’s facilities. It is the duty of all adults working at the Club to safeguard the welfare of children and young people by creating an environment that protects them from harm.

We acknowledge that every child or young person who plays or participates in football should be able to take part in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from poor practice and abuse. MK Dons Football Club recognises that this is the responsibility of every adult involved in our club whether they are volunteers, match officials, helpers on club tours, football coaches, club officials or medical staff.

All current staff who are regularly caring for, supervising, training or being in sole charge of children and young people will be DBS checked.

The Club recognises that it has an important role to play in the local community and continues to work closely with the Milton Keynes Dons Sport and Education Trust to ensure that our common goals are met.

Charitable donations are an integral part of the MK Dons community programme. We are pleased to provide in-kind donations (but no monetary contributions or sponsorships) to a wide variety of charities, non-profit agencies, community organisations, youth sporting groups and schools. The following information details our procedures and guidelines regarding such donations.


1. The policy for the 2021/22 season is to consider requests from organisations which:
Are local (within 45 minutes driving time of Stadium MK), and
Will benefit children of school age through sport related activities; or
Other health and wellbeing related causes.

2. All donation requests must be submitted in writing at least six (6) weeks in advance of the event. No telephone requests will be accepted. Written requests must be submitted on the organisation’s official letterhead and include:
a) Organisation’s name, address and charity number (where applicable).
b) Contact name, mailing address and phone number.
c) Type of event/programme.
d) Day, Date, Time.
e) Event location.
f) Beneficiary of the funds raised.

3. Charity requests will be considered and then responded to, only by mail or email, approximately two weeks prior to the event. We cannot guarantee fulfilment of each and every request we receive due to the number we receive.

4. Charitable donations will only be granted directly to the organisations seeking to benefit from MK Dons involvement. MK Dons does not provide assistance through fundraising campaigns on behalf of a charity, fundraising companies or third-party representatives.

Please mail written request and donation request form to:
Charity Donations
Milton Keynes Dons Sport and Education Trust
Stadium MK
Stadium Way West
Milton Keynes

A copy of the ground regulations can be found at all entrances to the stadium and are detailed on the club website.

Club Address
MK Dons Football Club
Stadium MK
Stadium Way
Milton Keynes

Customer Service Contact: 01908 622901

General Enquiries
Phone: 01908 622922

Customer Complaints
Phone: 01908 622901

Company Secretary
Ryan Gawley
Phone: 01908 622922

Commercial Director
Andy Gibb
Phone: 01908 8622913

Supporter Liaison Officer
Oona Carmichael
Phone: 01908 622922

Disabled Supporters Contact
Andy Standen
Phone: 01908 622899

Social Media, Press & PR
Antoni Fruncillo
Phone: 01908 622955

Commercial Manager
Andy Wooldridge
Phone: 01908 622884

Box Office
Phone: 01908 622922
Fax: 01908 622933

Club Superstore
Phone: 01908 622988

MK Dons Sport & Education Trust (MK Dons SET)
Tel: 01908 622888

Milton Keynes Dons Supporters’ Association (MKDSA)

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